Based in Haifa, Israel,  Nemo In The Dark  (AKA Nemo & the Honey Dipped Scars- in a previous lifetime)  consisting  of:

Nemo (Naama waisel)  and Sikis ( Igor Khotinsky). 

The duo has just finished recording their 2nd Album- 'Positively Mad'   and is now preparing for the Album's Launch, January 4th 2022, at Levontin7, Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Inspired by Bronte's Wuthering Heights and Shakespear's Macbeth, Burton's Sweeney Todd and the Macabre, Nemo in the dark mix elements of the 1920s Cabaret, Irish folk, Gypsy, Classical and Minimalistic music.  






With clear influences from Amanda Palmer and 1920s speakeasy cabaret, Naama (Nemo) Waisel delivers theatrical and sorrowful stories from this Haifa ensemble's debut album. Nemo's piano dominates this cabaret which takes pleasure in testing its own limits. Although the notes are not extreme, the songs in the album do not conform with any contemporary musical trend. Instead, they take their own path, armed with a thundering piano, a dark atmosphere, and a vibe that doesn't give a damn about a mainstream playlist.” - — Nitzan pincu

Calcalist, Israel - last segment 10.06.2019